Dream Mechanics

Think of a the million possibilities that lay in Wait,

Think of how great men have cast their weight,

Think of how you can rid Africa of its waste,

Think of how you can be an element of change.

Africa faces the problem of underthinkers,

Of men who will not think beyond their lives,

People who are not ready to think different..

Africa Arise,

Change Arise,

God Bless Africa.



I’ve been to many places,
Seen many faces,
But oh what a face i saw when I almost fainted,
She more than I could dream,
Exceeding my mind’s belief,
U don’t believe me here goes..

She’s not an ordinary church goer,
The WORD of the LORD she does it,
Make up is the ANOINTING,
GRACE is on her lips,
A LIGHT on the world,
And she’s so VIRTUOS..

Love so Real

Naeza speak rhyme ukadhani na run on steroids,
Kitu haujui ni Jesus anarun strength on me,
Ananipea hope nisiloose faith of Him,
Ndo atleast nifanye work alisend for me..

Naeza ka straight kama RULER,
But tambua sidai AMARULA,
Juu mi ni tent ya most high RULER,
Na nikistick kwake ninaweza RULE EARTH…

And so ukiniona ninakunywa COFFEE,
Nikicelebrate siyuko kwa COFFIN,
Hata kama waweza nipiga KOFI,
Love ya Jesus for me is SO REAL..

Identity Crisis

When i started caring about what people think,
I lost every thing that made me, me,
So instead of doing things for me,
I did it for people who never loved me..

So where does it stop,
How do I get back on Top,
The answer ain’t behind her top,
Or under a bottle top,
Its in He who’s on top..

So I lost my identity,
For people in my fraternity,
Who didn’t care for my chastity,
Which almost made me loose eternity..
The answer is certainly in Jesus entirety..


Freedom si hatia Boss,
Mpaka wanipiga teargas,
Sijafanya kosa but wanitear up,
Ama kukiuka haki ila tear MUST..
Ukabila so deep imetear apart,
What God put together why tear apart,
Kunibabaisha juu niko wrongside ya heart..
Nini nimefanya unanikasirikia,
Si mimi ni Mungu tu namlilia,
Poor leadership katufanya kuchukia,
Majirani na mandugu wanaangamia..
So chukua attitide yako mbaya ewe Boss,
na u turn kwa God uwache kuget lost.